• Works perfectly - Absorb-it

    03/15/12 - Anthony
  • Love it - 'Absorb-it'
    Boylan FH

    03/19/12 - Tim
  • You have a great product -Very Berry
    Browns FH

    03/20/12 - Diane
  • It rocks - Verry Berry
    National Mortuary

    05/01/12 - Diane
  • Blood Begone - That is some good stuff
    Reuels FH

    04/30/12 - Trent
  • Blood Begone - AWESOME worked on Dred Locks!

    04/25/12 - Nicole Strano Funeral Home Delaware
  • Blood Begone -Best soap ever used in 30 yrs.
    Global Mortuary

    04/20/12 - David
  • Best 'Absorb-it' used in 25 yrs.
    O.R. Woodyard Co.

    04/19/12 - Mike
  • Most effective sealer I've used in 30 yrs.
    Thomas Lamb Embalmer

    03/25/12 - Thomas
  • Blood Begone -"phenomenal" all of your products are great
    Intenational Mortuary Shipping

    05/08/12 - Carson Sprow
  • Oh God the soap(Blood Begone) is Excellent, used on bad autopsy case, blood removed with ease from the body and prep table. Moffett Embalming Service

    05/21/12 - Moffett Embalming Service
  • Wilson Funeral Home Louisa, Ky. Absorb-It a Miracle, I use it all the time!

    05/31/12 - Chris Wilson
  • Absorb-it, Very Berry and Blood BeGone Soap works perfect.

    09/06/12 - Jeffrey Poteat FH Albany Ga.
  • Americus, Georgia

    Absorb-It is Good Stuff!

    01/08/14 - Bobby Hancock Funeral Home
  • Anninston, AL.

    Suture BeGone Adhesive is the Great Stuff ever used. It is Amazing!!

    08/12/15 - Craig K.L. Brown Memory Chapel
  • Baldwin Cremation &Mortuary Serviceknoxville Tn.

    Aborb-It best stuff ever used!

    10/13/14 - Larry Baldwin
  • Bio Mint Granules

    This is the Best Product Ever. I place this under body for every viewing and never have to worry about a bad odor!

    01/13/17 - Russell Wright -Russell allen Wright Sr. Mortuary Panama City Fl.
  • Blood BeGone Soap

    Had a visit with Carson last week and he told me of a situation that arose where he used Blood BeGone soap to remedy what could have been a big disaster.

    They had a Mexican lady prepared for casketing late one day and she was dressed in a white acetate/rayon dress. Evidently overnight there was leakage from where the trocar had been inserted and the entire middle of the dress was soaked in blood and whatever else leaked. It was all the way around the middle of the dress and had dried.

    Not having time to replace the dress he and his wife Gail put the dress in their Mila washing machine with several ounces of Blood BeGone soap and ran a wash cycle. You guessed it, the dress came out spotless with no sign of any stains. They dried the dress on a very low heat in their Mila drier and redressed the lady.

    That is amazing. I also saw Greg Moseley of Kornegay-Moseley FH in Columbia, SC about 10 days ago and he swears by Blood BeGone as well.

    08/18/12 - Micheal Craig
  • Blood BeGone Soap

    I had a blood spill on my New Carpet and I tried everything and the stain remained. I meet my friend a Funeral Director and he give me Blood BeGone Soap and the stains were gone!

    08/14/14 - Lois from New Jersey
  • Braham, Mi.

    Suture BeGone Adhesive Great We Love It!

    07/25/12 - Katy Rock-Ingebrand Chapel
  • Brooklyn, NY

    Had a bad skin slip. Left the Absorb-It powder on the hand overnight, it solved the problem, worked great.

    11/26/12 - Leslie Evergreen Funeral Home
  • Broyles-McQuire F.H. Union, West Virginia

    The Absorb-It and Very Berry ....That's some Good Stuff, lasts long.

    10/26/12 - Joel McGuire
  • Burpee, Carpenter & Hutchins , Rockland Maine

    The prep room products from ShivaShade are Tremendous!

    08/22/14 - Walker
  • Calvert Funeral home West Point Mi.

    Suture BeGone Adhesive is Fantastic Stuff!

    05/03/16 - John
  • Chapels of Chimes Westland Mi.

    Blood BeGone Soap- That stuff works Miracles. Removes Blood and other stuff.

    09/21/12 - Greggory
  • Chicago, Illinois

    Absorb-It some Darn Good Stuff!

    11/08/13 - Christella - Smith Thomas Funeral Home
  • Columbia SC

    Used the Berry Gel Cap in the lobby and it was Unbelievable .

    06/14/13 - Greg- Kornegay & Moresley Funeral Home
  • Columbus, Ohio

    Suture BeGone Adhesive did a nice job on the incision. Dried clean on the skin. The Undo also did a good job and did'nt burn the skin.

    02/28/13 - Jay Moffet
  • Conyer, Ga.

    The Gel Pack for the Cooler is working great.

    05/08/13 - KimPreferred Mortuary Service
  • Crab Orchard, Ky

    All is Wonderful: Absorb-It, Very Berry and Blood BeGone Soap

    11/30/12 - Kyle McKnight Funeral Home
  • Cridersville, Ohio

    The Gel Packs were Absolutely Great!

    07/16/13 - Valery-Baycliff & Sons
  • Currie-Jefferson FH Hoover, Albama

    Absorb-It Powder is the Greatest Powded I have ever used.

    11/09/15 - Adam
  • Downs funeral Home, Marshall Texas

    Suture begone Adhesive is Amazing!

    03/03/15 - Keith Boyd
  • Dufrensw & Cavanaugh Funeral Home Latham NY

    Very Berry worked great as you stated. Pleased with the Absorb-It also.

    11/26/12 - John Dufresna
  • East Islip New York

    Suture BeGone Adhesive is Amazing Stuff!

    09/16/14 - JD Chapey and Sons
  • Ellis Funeral Home Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Blood Begone Soap is Good stuff so is the powder.

    10/26/12 - Reggie Wilburn
  • Encinitas, Ca

    The Processor I purchased from ShivaShade is Amazing!

    09/20/14 - Mike Peaceful Paws Cremation
  • Fairfax Memorial

    Suture Begone Adhesive works very Well.

    06/05/13 - Frank
  • Fairfax Memorial Funeral Home , Fairfax, Vi.

    Loving the products.

    02/13/14 - Robin
  • Falk Funeral home, Pennsburg Pa.

    Had a blood stain on a white shirt and tried everything to remove the spot, nothing worked. Then I remembered I had a sample of
    Blood BeGone Soap, it worked perfect, love it ordered a dozen. I was now able to dress the body.

    11/17/12 - Frank Falk
  • Fort Payne, Al.

    I had a bad one, used Very Berry and it worked Well.

    11/08/13 - Amy Wilson Funeral Home
  • Gallup New Mexico

    Fantastic Love your products!

    12/07/12 - Ernest Cope Memorial Chapel
  • Galveston, Texas

    NTO Gel Caps " That is the Product" Amazing how the odors are gone.

    03/18/14 - David Carnes Brotther Funeral Home
  • Girton-Schmidt-Boucher & Gard FH

    Removed Ink from skin works great Blood BeGone Soap.

    10/26/12 - Ron Gard
  • Glenville Police Department , New York

    As an officer for 25 years, I have never used anything better than Very Berry to remove an odor problem.

    02/28/14 - William
  • Great Cinncinnati FuneralTrade Service

    Suture Begone Adhesive is Really Good.

    06/05/13 - Kevin
  • Hopewell Junction New York

    Suture BeGone Adhesive is A Miracle in A Bottle!

    02/21/14 - Marikay McHoul Funeral Home
  • Hullinger Mortuary, Roosevelt, Utah

    Suture BeGone Adhesive Worked Great on Cranium. Used it on 2 case with Great results.

    07/03/13 - Roger
  • Iowa

    All the products I bought are Amazing . I have 2 Decomp in the Freezer at it Smells like Spring Fresh.

    06/25/14 - Nenry Benetly
  • Johnson Wellwood funeral Home Lindenhurst NY

    Blood BeGone Soap is Ridiculous- LOVE IT. Prep Table cleaned up great.

    09/28/12 - Sean
  • Kane & Fetterly Montreal Canada

    Suture Begone Adhesive is Marvelous. Even works on Wet Skin!

    03/13/15 - Martin Gamache
  • Kornegay & Moseley , Clumbia South Carolina

    Suture BeGone Adhesive, just used on cranium autopsy Great Stuff.

    04/08/12 - Greg
  • Lewis Funeral Home Irvine, Ky.

    Suture BeGone Adhesive worked like a charm!

    11/01/13 - Jason
  • Linville Memorial Funeral Home Electic Al.

    We love iAbsorb-It and Blood BeGone Soap.

    10/29/12 - Madonna
  • Maeder Quint Tiberius Funeral Home Columbus Ohio

    Love Them All- Absorb-It, Blood BeGone Soap and Very Berry and Very Lavnder. One spray covered a 70 ft Area!

    05/31/12 - William Smith
  • Manchester Tn.

    Suture BeGone Adhesive is working Wonders!

    12/16/13 - Foy Manchester Funeral Home
  • Memorial Funeral Home Sioux Center, Iowa

    Suture BeGone Adhesive is Awesome, everyone should have it in the prep room!

    05/26/14 - Chad
  • Mortuary Shipping

    Just tested the Berry Gel Cap in the Cooler, it was amazing. I ordered a dozen!

    06/05/13 - Kalin
  • Murray, Utah

    Cherry Gel pack was Fantastic in the Cooler. Just used the Suture Begone on the cranium and it was holding.

    06/13/13 - Clay Memorial Cemeteries and Mortuaries
  • Nacoggdoches, Texas

    The Absorb-It powder makes a difference in my cases. It does not swell like the other products.

    11/27/12 - Constance Cason Monk-Metcalf Funeral Directors
  • Oxford New York

    Blood BeGone Soap is Unbelievable .

    08/19/13 - Steve Behe Funeral Home
  • Paulsboro, NJ

    Suture BeGone Adhesive works Great.

    04/04/14 - Thomas McBride-Foley Funeral Home
  • Petersbury Va.

    Blood BeGone Soap is the best product I ever used to remove blood from hair and body when I receive the body from M.E. Embalming since 1956

    12/27/12 - Curtis J.T. Morris and Son Funeral Home
  • Portsmouth Vi.

    Suture BeGone Adhesive Nothing but the Truth!,

    03/25/14 - George Fisher Funeral Home
  • Poteat Funeral Home Albany,Ga.

    Suture Begone Adhesive some good stuff

    05/09/13 - Jeffrey
  • Robert H. Auchmoody FH Fishkill NY

    All THREE Great Products.

    08/20/12 - Anthony
  • Shelbyville, Kentucky

    Really Like the products,we will reorder.

    12/04/12 - Ross Webb Funeral Home
  • Smith-Carson-Wall FH

    Blood BeGone Soap is Darn Good.

    10/23/12 - Brian May
  • Southeastern Kentucky Mortuary Services

    I got your starter Kit and all the products are Awesome!

    06/27/14 - Gene Goodman
  • Southern Kentucky Mortuary Service

    Absorb-It is the best stuff on the Market!

    12/30/14 - Gene Goodman
  • Thornton Ill.

    The Very Berry is great stuff. Absorb-It is Remarkable!!

    12/28/12 - Peter Talso Funeral Service
  • Watertown New York

    Suture BeGone Adhesive has been a Godsend!

    11/24/14 - Jill Hart & Bruce Funweral Home
  • Weeping Water , Ne.

    Suture Begone Adhesive worked Great. Highly Recommend.

    06/13/13 - Keith Hammons Family Funeral service
  • Wellston, Ohio

    Blood BeGone Soap that's some Good Stuff

    11/27/12 - Carl Huntley & Cremeens Funeral Home
  • Worcester Mass.

    Suture BeGone Adhesive is Amazing Stuff!

    06/01/14 - Kris O'Connor Funeral Home
  • Zale Funeral Home Stratford NJ

    Just used the Suture Begone Adhesive on the Cranium and it worked great, just reordered.

    05/17/12 - Sean